7 Jan, 2014

Posted: January 6, 2014 in WODs

Warm-up:  500m Row, 50 DU, Hip Joint Mobility

Strength:  4Sets of 7FS/13BS @65% of your FS 1RM

(Complete 7 FS, rack the bar, no rest, complete 13BS @same weight immediately.  If you don’t know your FS 1RM, find out today!!)



1min ME HSPU

2min ME KB Snatch+OHS (alt every 5)

1min ME T2B

1min Rest

Mobility Video:  Super Couch Stretch  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EiUquYdyPU

  1. Michelle says:

    Working out at Crofton CF this week:
    Wall Ball 30/20# @ 10/9ft
    Double Under
    rest 5 min
    Power Clean 135/95#
    Box Jump 30/24”
    rest 5 min
    Overhead Squat 135/95#
    C2B Pull-up
    Time: 34:45 Rx

  2. Matt says:

    HSPU: 36
    KB Snatch & OHS: 36
    T2B: 44
    Total: 116
    FS 1RM: 165# established 15 Oct 13

  3. Spencer says:

    What does “ME” stand for?

  4. Yuki says:

    Just did the strength part 105# as 65% of 160#. That was HARD!

    Please follow the guideline. 65% is NOT 60%.., or “about 1/2 of your max from 2 yrs ago!!” For the next several weeks, we will have 3/week of this strength days and I really hope many of you get a lot out of it. Please post your results as often as possible here so that you can track your workout too. 😀

  5. Brighid says:

    Michelle 34:45 with 10 minutes of rest inside of that?! Nice work!
    Yuki…ok looking forward to this! 🙂 I will make sure to have my phone with me so I can use the calculator and not cheat the math at 5am…

  6. khary01 says:

    So, I didn’t establish my one round max 😦 Will try to do it tomorrow 🙂 Strength part was 135# and brutal!!

    HSPU = 32
    KB Snatch + OH = 60
    T2B = 36

    • Yuki says:

      Yes, its’ supposed to be BRUTAL… You will start consider that “Strength” is the main part of your workout. 135# = 65% of 208#

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