A Few Announcements for May…

Posted: April 29, 2014 in WODs

Keith has completed an awesome May programming!  🙂

Focus of the month:  Power endurance, consistent performance with moderate load over extend time.

Do you have birthday in May and would like to have a B-day WOD!?  Please let us know!


Whole30 Nutrition Challenge:  1-30 May (or plan your 30-straight-days around May that you can commit)

Guideline:  whole30-program-guideline

Please share some recipes, tips, comments, etc.  Go to HAWC and print out your body composition on Day1 and Day30!!


MDM (Memorial Day Murph):  22 May, 7am @JBAB Track

Normal classes will meet at gym @5am, 6am, and 5pm on the Thursday.  This 7am official event will be hosted by JBAB Chapel and the chaplain will give prayers to start the event.   T-shirts, water, and refreshments will be provided for the 7am event.   Please spread the words and bring friends, family, and co-workers!


Novice Weightlifting Meet:  24 May @Westminster, MD

I have sent out Week1 BB Club Programming to those interested (Michelle, Dee, Chris N, Chris B, Andrew, Seth, Khary, Kristin, Kai… did I miss anybody else?)  Don’t forget to log in your # so that you can compare the weekly progress during the 15 weeks’ cycle.  This is youth/novice developmental meet.  Hope some of us can make it.

  1. crossfitbolling says:

    Some helpful tips on how to care for your hands:
    You might find this “handy” this month (see what I did there)

  2. Crystal says:

    Do we need to sign up for MDM in advance?

  3. Caitlyn says:

    Great article on the hand care, thanks!

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