Posted: April 30, 2014 in WODs

All During the month of may there will be a change to the Strength WOD programing (SWOD).  There will be separate SWODs listed for Apprentice (A) and Craftsman (C) or the same SWOD for both A+C.   The obvious question (at least to me) is what drives what line of programing to follow.

The answer may be a little complicated but I try to make it as easy as possible here and if you have any questions please ask a trainer or your trainer may offer a recommendation during the next few Workouts.  The quick answer is if you are competently executing the 5 basic bar lifts (Back, Overhead, and Front Squat, Press, and Deadlift) and the Power Lifts (Power Clean, Power Snatch) you are likely ready to move on to the Craftsman programing.  If you have range of motion or flexibility issues I STRONGLY recommend you stick with the Apprentice programing for this month.  The purpose of the apprentice programing is to reinforce quality movement  through the FULL range of motion of a lift, creation a base level of strength and flexibility to serve as a foundation for the more complicated lifts and higher volume of the Craftsman programing.

The focus is not on the amount of weight moved but the ability to move a load competently through the full range of motion of a given lift. There will also be at least one “SWOD off day” per week for you to work on weakness, goats, and/or any other live stock you choose.

The WODs this month will tend to be higher volume and will seem like you are throttling you whole body every day (because you are).  The WOD will hit the whole body or multiple parts every day.  Independent of the SWOD which is focused on one or two basic lifts we are attempting to train energy pathways (Oxidative, Phophagen, Glycolytic) with the WODs and not body parts. There is a bias this month to POWER ENDURANCE, defined as, consistent performance over moderate to longer time periods at moderate load.  We are striving for durability.

There will be  a lot of stress on the hands please check this post for advice on hand maintance: Hope find this “handy”  (see what I did there?)


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