May 5th

Posted: May 4, 2014 in WODs

Time to earn those Margaritas:



Squat 3×5


8 Sets of:

Back Squat 225×3 Reps

3 Box Jump 24 in rest 60 Sec between Sets



12-9-6-3 Reps of

Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)

Step ups 18-20 IN box (2×25-35 DB/KB)  Left and Right Step up = 1 rep (12/9/6/3 with EACH LEG)

Pull Ups

Sprint- 200m

Again time is not factor for this workout, do not sacrifice load/form for seconds on the clock.


  1. Spanky says:


    WOD 30# DBs, 20″ Box

  2. Caitlyn says:

    Where is the 200m sprint run?

  3. Avalon says:

    Caitlyn, I think the 200m run is in the front parking lot, go out the front door and go right instead of straight and run around the front lot

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