Optional Outdoor WODs (Week4)

Posted: June 22, 2014 in WODs

Pool WOD #1

Partner Pulls

20min AMRAP

The 1st swimmer pulls partner, who kicks

Switch every 25m

Pool WOD #2

25m Swim 10x (PU/SU/Sq)

50m Swim 8x (PU/SU/Sq)

75m Swim 6x (PU/SU/Sq)

100m Swim 4x (PU/SU/Sq)

75m Swim 6x (PU/SU/Sq)

50m Swim 8x (PU/SU/Sq)

25m Swim 10x (PU/SU/Sq)

Endurance WOD – Short Interval

  10 x 30 seconds max effort hill sprint, rest 2:00 between each rep

Endurance WOD – Long Interval

  3 x 1M, rest 3:00, hold all splits within 5-10 seconds

Endurance WOD – Tempo/TT

  60 minute TT


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