Friday 1 Aug 2014

Posted: July 31, 2014 in WODs

Happy Friday!

Partner WOD: Who’s the Fittest?

1000m row timed (ea person must row 500m)

Farmers carry 100m (50m ea) 75/35# KB or DB (timed)

2 min to est max reps of Wall Ball

2 min max reps of BJ (60 sec ea person)

2 min to est max reps of strict pullups (60 sec ea person)

15 min to est max DL weight(total weight together)

If you haven’t signed up for “Who’s the Fittest” yet, what are you waiting for…

  1. GP says:

    Team Nick/GP – 3:23 on the row, 34 pull-ups, 76 wall balls, 56 box jumps, 1:34 for the farmer’s carry (75 lbs each arm) 335/275 for the dead lift

    (I think, going from memory) but it should be permanently marked on the WB too 🙂

  2. Chris N says:

    Team money (Chris/Foster) – 3:15 row / 1:06 Farmer’s Carry / 65 WB / 52 BJ / 22 PU / 800# DL (345/455#)

  3. Yuki says:

    Bolling Geezers: 3:43 row / 20 PU / 68 WB / 69 BJ / 1:43 FC
    No time for DL today…

    Lots of fine prints that we should read carefully…

  4. crossfitbolling says:

    Happy Weekend everybody

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