“Who is the Fittest” Event Insider Info :D

Posted: August 19, 2014 in WODs


If you haven’t read the schedule/description above, please go there first!!  Here is a little more insider information of the event.


#1 Deadlift or Pull Ups, then

depending on the order of checking-in…  you will do either

<Wall Ball & Row>, <Box Jump & Farmer’s Carry>, or <Prowler & Tire Flip>

So everyone will be shuffled to the different stations and go around in a order, so that the event won’t be dragged too long.  Each combo will have CONTINUOUS TIME, which means as soon as WB’s 2min is over, your 1000m Row time starts, etc.

**Other details**

Deadlift:  There will be 8-10 different weight station (135# ~ ???), where you can add/take off minor weights.  There won’t be time for warm-up rounds and 15min is all you have.  Partners will go together but different station if lifting different weights.  No women’s bar (25mm diameter)…  all full size.  Get used to the grips!!

Pullups:  You can switch your grips as long as you don’t drop from the bar.  No swinging on hips, legs, shoulders…

Wall Ball & Box Jump:  NO step-up on box.  Each person does TWO-FULL-MINUTES.  There will be 2 targets/boxes for each teams and all works simultaneously.  (oh…, and then jump on the rower or farmers carry right after that…!!)

Farmers Carry:  100yards per person.  The first person who does this right after the Box Jump has to be the stronger one in the team.  The second runner will get to rest while the first person works.

Row:  Same as FC.  The first rower will be gassed out with Wall Ball.  Switch as often as you wish.  Strategy, Strategy, Strategy…

Prowler Push & Tire Flip:  We will figure out when we get there…  😀



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