Nutrition Challenge!!

Posted: September 3, 2014 in WODs

It’s Back-to-School time and the time to clean up your nutrition.  We have done Nutrition Challenge in January and May this year.  Let’s do one more time before we roll in the Holiday season.  This 30days will give you the good awareness and possibly you can stretch a bit longer to start healthier Holidays this year.  (Yes, summer is over and I am already talking about Holidays!! 🙂  If you are not familiar with Paleo Diet, I hope this YouTube video would interest you.

Those who has been on Paleo (even 80%-ish? 🙂 ), please share your recommended resource, website, etc.

So, here is the Guideline for our Challenge:


You can look up more on their website:

When: 1-30 September

or plan your 30-straight-days around Sep-Oct that you can commit

So Who is in!?

  1. mgmt06 says:

    I will be brand new starting May 1st. I would like to participate.

  2. Yuki says:

    Hey Welcome!!!
    Looking forward to see you in May.

  3. Caitlyn says:

    I’m in. I’m already 80%-ish Paleo, but have been wanting to do at least one completely clean month for a while.

    I’m lazy and boring, so what works for me is that I make the same basic meals nearly every day/week. Weekends I roast up a bunch of bell peppers or make a Paleo peanut sauce with red cabbage and heat that up with eggs for breakfast all week. For dinner, I roast up whatever random veggies I feel like – squash, eggplant, turnips, sweet potatoes, asparagus, kale, etc. – and make either chicken or fish for the protein. I try to make enough to have leftovers for lunch the next day. Nuts or half an avocado constitute the fat portion of every meal, or cooking veggies with olive oil or coconut oil (sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil = best thing ever). My favorite website for easy, fun recipes when I get tired of peppers is Hilarious blog and great food. Some other good websites are and And don’t forget, spices and herbs are your best friends. Good luck everyone!

  4. Matt says:

    I’m totally down for the potluck social!!

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