Thursday, 25 September 2014

Posted: September 24, 2014 in WODs

Front lever – 4 sets of 30sec hold, rest as needed between sets

Chris’s Bday Chipper

Buy-in: 39 burpees

100 DUs
90 situps
80 box jumps (24”/18”)
70 pushups
60 goblet squats (55#/35#)
50 hang power cleans (95#/65#)
400m run
30 thrusters (95#/65#)
20 pullups
10 TGUs

Cash-out: 39 burpees

Front Lever Tutorial:  Warm up with different variations to determine what’s best for strength level, then begin your 4 sets at that level.

  1. Chris N says:

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes this morning:)

    WOD: 36:31

    Very tough wod this morning, great job everyone!

  2. GP says:

    41:14- 85 lbs for cleans and thrusters , 50 lb KB for goblet squats and 35 lb for TGU

  3. GP says:

    happy Birthday Chris!!

  4. Michelle says:

    OMG, happy birthday my butt!!! This was horrible you old fart!!!! 🙂
    47 something Rx, including burpees.

  5. khary01 says:

    Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! Hope you enjoy your AARP card

  6. Brighid says:

    Happy Birthday Chris!

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