11/18/14, Happy Birthday, Michelle!!

Posted: November 17, 2014 in WODs

Happy Birthday, Michelle!!

For time:
34 Calorie row
11 Snatches 135/95
18 Overhead squats
80 Double unders
18 Power cleans
11 Thrusters
34 Burpees

Tuesday Cash-Out
3 Rounds
10 Handstand Shrug
10 Hang Shrug
10 T2B

  1. Trav says:

    I am new here…are we suppose to do the first wod or choose which one we want to do?

  2. Chris N says:

    Trav, each member will do the workout that is posted for that day. The crossfit trainer will walk you through the workout.

  3. Chris N says:


    That was an evil wod: 15:36 @ 95#

  4. Gerard says:

    Happy Birthday Michelle. I should have gone heavier on the snatches and overhead squats. Bad left shoulder. Went heavier on Power Cleans and thrusters. 65/95 23:40, double Unders are my nemesis. Enjoy.

  5. GP says:

    Don’t remember when I finished, 20/21 something, went light- 75 for Snatch/OHS, 95 for PC/ Thrusters

    DU-agghhh!!!!!!!!!!! All singles

    Happy Birthday Michelle!!

  6. crossfitbolling says:

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes and hard work doing this wod!

    24:something and I diid RX sans the snatch, 90#.

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