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Posted: December 9, 2014 in WODs

Push Press 5×3

An important part of the lift is the transition from leg drive to press-out. This occurs at about the same place as the sticking point in a strict press. The better the leg drive, the higher that transition point will be, and the easier the lock-out will be due to better triceps leverage. So drive those legs. This transition point is also crucial from a safety standpoint. One can lose the lift forward in a miss-drive but more important one can also hyperextend the lower back if care is not taken (a trait it also shares with the power jerk). This usually occurs if the drive does not go high enough and the lifter tries to compensate by back-bending under the bar. Injury can result if the back even temporarily relaxes in this position and buckles into hyperextension. The result can be a pinched disc.

The push press is a great exercise but the lifter must know its pitfalls and peculiarities:

1. Start with a proper press grip, holding the bar tightly across the delts.
2. Keep the drive close to the face, and keep it in that groove all the way to lockout.
3. Try to drive the weight as far through your sticking point as possible.
4. Keep the abs and back rigid from dip to lockout. DO NOT back-bend!

Cashout WOD: 5 RFT

15 flutter kicks (4-count)
15 ring dips
30 DUs

  1. GP says:

    17 something for the METCON

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