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Posted: December 21, 2014 in WODs

Back squat 5×5

Considered by many athletes and strength coaches to be the ‘king’ of all exercises, the back squat is perhaps one of the most beneficial lifts you can master. Squatting will not only help you develop leg and hip strength, but also promote full-body mobility and stability. If you are looking to build muscle, burn fat, and get freaky strong then adding squats to your weekly program is a must.

When it comes to squatting, the back squat is hands down the gold standard as it allows the lifter to lift significantly more weight than other variations. The only downside is that it can be more dangerous than other variations when it is poorly. Master the Barbell Back Squat


Bear crawl (30m)
10 weighted step-up’s (50/35#) (24/20″)

  1. GP says:

    135/155/165/175/175 for BS

    9 something for the METCON – 35 lbs with 24 inch box- no joke!!

  2. Gerard says:

    WOD: 9:04 very deceiving METCON. This was tough. Love it.

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