March 2nd

Posted: March 1, 2015 in WODs

Relative Strength Assessment:

Start by getting on a scale (no shoes) and getting your bodyweight, then …

(1) Work up to 1RM Front Squat

(2) Work up to 3RM Weighted Push Up

(3) Work up to 1RM Power Clean

(4) Max Rep Pull Ups
SCORE is total divided by Body Weight

a way to work up to a 1RM
10 Reps at 50% or your assumed 1RM
8 Reps at 60%
6 Reps at 70%
3 Reps at 80%
2 Reps at 90%
Then get after it!

It is the start of  a new month and you will see a few new things coming your way.

One of which will be a form to write down and commit to a few achievable goals as well as things such as your 1/3/ and 5 rep maxes for several lifts and some bench mark scores.

another will be longer workouts, so please review the work out before the session, watch the videos if attached, be prepared to ask questions if necessary, and please be on time.

Oh and have fun.


1) Minute 1-20:
5x Push Press – 20-35 Dumbbell or Kettle Bell
5x Front Squat – 20-35 Dumbbell or Kettle Bell
10x Lunges – unloaded
30x Step-ups
(2) Minute 20-40:
5x Burpees
10x Sit-ups
30x Step-ups


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