8/21/15 Fri ~~End Veteran Suicide WOD~~

Posted: August 20, 2015 in WODs

22 Veteran a day commit suicide. Now you can do something about it to help build a Military Family retreat center to reduce veteran suicide.   On August 22nd, 2015 create your own WOD (Workout Of The Day) with 22 exercises and 22 reps of each. At Minute 22 into the WOD please stop and take a 2 minute moment of silence for those who have died in the veteran suicide epidemic. Do it at home, a participating gym/box or Hybrid gym and don’t forget to post your pictures! 

***Sorry, we are doing this on 21st, since the gym is not open on Saturdays***

CrossFit Bolling “22WOD”

PU, Push Up, SU, Sq, Burpee, 
WB 20/14, KBS 55/35, BJ 24/20, Slam Ball 20#, HSPU,
DU, Row for Cal, Hip Extension, Ring Dip,
DL, Clean, FS, PP, BS, Snatch, OHS, Floor wiper 95/65
  1. GP says:

    49:15- scaled HSPU and singles – rest Rxed

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