Strength Cycle starting!!

Posted: April 29, 2016 in WODs

We are starting squat strength training starting in May.  As we have done this a few years ago, this will last for 10-weeks (although this is a bit upgraded:)   According to our past experiences, the results are pretty much guaranteed if you could stick with the plan.  🙂

In the next week (the 1st week in May), everyone must find out 1RM FS and BS.  Our Mondays & Wednesdays are Front Squats/Back Squats combo, and Fridays are Back Squats day.  After your regular warm-up (Row/Run/DU to get your heart rate up) and hip joint mobility, in most days, the class will consists of with 5-10min core warm-up, 20-25min strength, 10-15min conditioning, and 5-10min cool down mobility.  Please be on time as much as possible for your own benefit.

If you are interested in following the entire strength training your own due to the schedule difficulty (PCSing, TDY, etc.), please talk to the coaches.  We can e-mail you the spread sheet.

The only long WOD in May would be “Murph” (Coach Chris’ Farewell) on 22 May, Sunday, 1:30 @JBAB Track (cross the street from commissary and gas station).

  1. Lindsey Blue says:

    I would like to get an email of the spreadsheet. I’m PCS’ing 1June. My goal is to come Mon-Thurs up to then, just depending on getting things in order for the move.

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