1/11/2017, Wednesday

Posted: January 10, 2017 in WODs
1/11/2017, Wednesday
Skill: Pull Up/Muscle Up
Work on your MU only if you do have 10 unbroken strict PU and 10 unbroken Dips. Work on PU with progression (strict PU band assisted, unassisted, kipping, butterfly, etc.)
20min AMRAP w/Partner
A: 5 PU, 10 Pushup, 15 Sq
B: 20 Pulls on Rower
While partner A complete 1 round of Cindy (5PU, 10 Pushup, 15 Squats), partner B does 20 pulls on the Rower. Switch and repeat for 20min.
**Score is total cal

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