2/7/17, Thursday

Posted: February 6, 2017 in WODs

***Wear your CFB T-Shirt if you have one!!!***

“Amazing Bob!!” ~feel that 45#~
27min AMRAP
20 Plate OHS 45#
20m Plate Carry
10 Burpee to Plate

***E5MOM 5 Pull Up***


Bob’s Story:

Bob was introduced to CrossFit by his boss, AL, during the 2014 Holidays.  Since there was no class for the week, AL created a WOD consisting of Row, Wall Ball, Box Jump, etc. and they started working out at our old CrossFit space in the Fitness Center.  Although it took them more than an hour to complete the murderous WOD that day, Bob hasn’t miss a class unless he was traveling, sick, or injured since then.  He is always on time, humble, eager to learn, pushing himself to the edge, and kind to others.  It’s been two years since he started, and his progress has been amazing. His daughter (who also has been to our class!) noticed the change and made these before-and-after pictures.  Since he has lost over 40 lbs, we will cerebrate his birthday with this “Amazing BOB!” WOD.  Congratulations and keep inspiring people!!


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