5/1/2017 Monday

Posted: April 30, 2017 in WODs
5/1/2017 Monday
We will start O-lifting based strength cycle (courtesy of CFWL by Coach B!) about 1-2/week until end of June. Here is our day1! No conditioning workout and you will be working on your own pace on these days. The 60min would be tight for some people. Arrive early, warm-up and start on time!
Probably good idea to partner up with someone for motivation and accountability. Post for any question.
Strength Day A1:
1) BS 3×10 @60/65/70%
2) Bench 3×10 @same%
3) Clean DL 3×10 @same%
4) 50 Strict PU, 50 GHD SU
5) 4×3 Snatch, C&J @Bar
(Technique, Speed, Form)

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