CrossFit delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines, scaling load and intensity, for elderly individuals with heart disease and elite athletes.” – Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

High intensity is part of the design of CrossFit and is required to get the full benefits. At these high intensities, your body will respond and recover with a very high neurological and endocrine (hormonal) adaptation (neuroendocrine response). This is the “secret” behind the ability of the Workout of the Day, in very often 20 minutes or less, to enable you to develop world-class fitness.

This is the official site for the CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Bolling.  This site will post the Workout of the Day (WOD) and serve as the central hub for what is happening at CrossFit Bolling.

Update: All Crossfit classes are now held in building 72.

If you are interested in trying out CrossFit, please stop by and give a class a try. Our class schedule is:

Mon-Fri: 5 & 6am

Mon, Wed & Fri: 7am

Mon-Thu: 12pm

(as of 10 May 2015)

Come see our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CrossFitBolling.

To contact us please with questions, comments, suggestions or whatnot please email crossfitbolling@gmail.com.

Coaching Staff: Yuki Riley, Michelle Lorden, Chris Newcomer, Keith Helms, Jason DeGraaf.

  1. Hey there,

    I started and coached CrossFit Slayer in Baghdad Iraq during my deployment from February 2009- March 2010. I am working with Booz Allen now and I will be coming onto site at the DIA hopefully within a month or so. I am Level 1 Certified, taking the test (hopefully soon) and i am getting my CF Endurance Cert this weekend. I ususally workout at CF Old Town and I live in DC. I would love to help out once I move over onto site and was wondering when you run sessions and if you would like another coach with experience training troops, many of which are likely coming back to Bolling after they finish their tours. Thanks. I am available to meet if you would like to set up a time/ place in DC or VA. Thanks. Take care,

    Mike Snyder

    • Steve Burton says:

      Hey Mike,
      I am actually new(er) to cross fit. I have toyed with it, but I was always doing it on my own and I never learned all the work outs or had anyone to tell me how bad my form was. I actually have alot in common with you as I just got back from contracting with KBR @ camp speicher 14 JUL 10, I live on Bolling as a dependant, and I work in the distrobution center of the Edwin building for booz allen hahaha. Let me know if you are going to be around the area coaching. Thanks! Steve

  2. Janan says:

    We’ll be moving to Bolling in a couple weeks and would like to check out your CF program!

    • crossfitbolling says:


      When you get to town just stop by and see us. We are located a the Bolling AFB Fitness Center. You can stop by anytime, but I would reccomend stopping by during one of our class times, you will be able to talk to the coaches then and you will not have to ask the front desk questions about the program, they are helpful but can only give you limited answers on our program.

  3. GP says:


    Send me a note, got a birthday WOD for you for Jan 3!

  4. Gerald says:

    i have been at Bolling for a year and never knew crossfitbolling existed. Are you still meeting M/W/F @ Bolling AFB Fitness Center? Are the classes typically full or is their enough room for more crossfitters? Thanks!


    • crossfitbolling says:

      Gerald you are more then welcome to come, we have plenty of room for everyone. My name is Chris and I am the lead instructor, but I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. I can’t tell you exactly what the Holiday schedule is because I am not there, but there should be somebody there to coach the advertised classes. Jason, Yuki, Cassidy, and Michelle are coaching the classes while I am away.

      Our classes are MWF 6 and 7 am, Tues – Thurs 6 AM.

      If you have any questions please feel free to email me at chb1010@gmail.com


  5. Tripp says:

    Are you guys doing Fight Gone Bad Friday, 16 SEP?


  6. Bryan says:

    Awesome WODs 6-12 Oct. Moved to Offutt AFB and do your WODs almost every morning. This section was a hall of famer!

    (Former 0600 member 2010-2011)

  7. chris says:

    Good Morning,
    I have recently seen Crossfit games on Tv and am interested in trying Crossfit. I am currently stationed down at Indian Head, MD, and they don’t offer Crossfit at the gym here on base. My question is do anyone know if they have any sessions later on in the evening timeframe? I would like to come out but I wouldn’t be able to make it for the morning sessions. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • crossfitbolling says:

      Hi Chris,
      Unfortunately, we don’t have classes in the evening time at this moment. The room is open for individual use, and WOD is on the board. You are always welcome to post your time here too. We hope more people request at MWR for starting evening class too! 🙂 if you like to write on their board… -> http://www.facebook.com/JBAB.MWR

      • chris says:

        Thanks I wrote a recommendation…hopefully they get it going!

      • Jeffrey says:

        Would you update the class schedule in the “about” section of the website. It still lists noon for the M-Th classes, but two of them have been changed to an evening time. Please post which two days and exactly what time. Thanks!

  8. Will Mosley says:

    How To NOT Get Hurt Doing CrossFit
    Originally posted on February 28, 2011 by Crossfit Aspire.

    There are many elements of the sport of fitness (aka CrossFit) that have a tremendous amount of appeal to beginners and seasoned athletes alike. The variety of workouts, level of coaching, intensity of metcons, the community that forms, the PR’s, the stopwatch, the benchmark workouts…there area ton of reasons why people come back…and come back…and come back…and come back.

    We think CrossFit is great; otherwise, we wouldn’t have opened the gym. But too much of a good thing, can be, well, too much. To go from couch potato to CrossFitter takes time, consistent effort, and smart training. Here are a few tips for all of the newbies (and some of you old-bies, too) to help keep your body in top shape as you begin to get into the best shape of your life:

    1. More is not always better. Four Crossfit classes per week are better than two, but that doesn’t mean that six classes is better than four. If you roll out of bed to go to your sixth consecutive day’s workout and every muscle is sore, stay home. Shift your focus from quantity to quality. If you are going really heavy during the lifts, and you’re pushing yourself to your limit during each and every metcon, you might be best off with an extra rest day thrown in there every once in a while. Use the rest day to practice a sport, go for a light jog or a walk, or just hop on a foam roller while watching TV. Which brings me to my next point…

    2. Rest and Recover. Recovering from a workout, believe it or not, isn’t about getting your breath back or waiting until you stop sweating. Recovery is what happens to your muscles, joints, tendons and brain when you leave the gym. You can work hard for 1 hour a day, but what about the other 23?

    Meals. As much as you’d like to, you can’t erase bad eating habits with an extra hard workout. Think about what you are eating and what it’s doing to your body. Before you eat anything, ask yourself “Is this helping or hurting my body?” Just about all of your meals throughout the day should consist of Grassfed/free-range meat, fish or eggs, with a big serving of vegetables cooked in oil, butter (from Grassfed cows only) or topped with avocado.

    Sleep. Get more of it! Turn out the lights 30 minutes earlier than you normally do now. Your body needs this time for cellular repair, and your brain needs some down time, too. Sleep in a pitch black room; invest in some heavyweight curtains that block out all of the light. It’ll dramatically affect your quality of sleep.

    Lifestyle. Avoid unnecessary stress. The body is meant to handle a certain amount of acute stress, but long periods of chronic stress tend to throw the hormonal system all out of whack, resulting in fatigue, depression, belly fat, and other unsavory physical and mental symptoms. Exercise = good stress. A high stress job, unruly kids, late night boozing, and relationship unrest = bad stress. If you are having stress issues, try to identify (or create) one fraction of your life that is completely stress free. It might only the length of a TV show, a chapter of a book, a new hobby or a morning cup of coffee in silence, but be sure to find it and take advantage of it as much as possible.

    Muscle and Tendon Repair. You are currently engaged in a training regimen not far off from that of a high level athlete. Your body is constantly adapting to new stresses, and is being pushed around, flexed and stretched in ways it isn’t used to. Initial signs of a hard workout, which include sore and tight muscles, should not be ignored. If you have chronic soreness or tightness in any part of your body, invest in a foam roller, a lacrosse ball, and spend some time at at the Mobility WOD Website to find new ways to become mobile and pain-free.

    3. Scale It! The weights in our metcons are chosen on an individual basis, so that everyone can scale the weight to a level that will guarantee they finish within a few seconds to minutes of everyone else in the room. The quantity of reps and rounds, however, can also be adjusted. This presents the opportunity to scale UP or DOWN, depending on your ability. You know your body best, and as you work out here you will get to know, and push, its limits. Pushing your limits is great ( our advice is usually to go heavier, move faster, dig deeper), but working through pain, or grinding out super-slow reps, in a stubborn effort to get the work done, is not smart. If you see something on the board that seems utterly impossible, ask one of the trainers about scaling options. For the most part, we stick to short and intense metcons, but days with close to 100 reps of one movement do sometimes appear, and if your body isn’t equipped to handle the repetitive stress, it might be wise to scale back.

    4. Exercise in cycles. Our life runs in cycles of intensity and down time. Intensity is necessary to survive (gotta pay the bills and keep yourself and your family healthy) and downtime is necessary to thrive. School breaks, vacation, weekends, social time, reading, etc are things that occur regularly to give your body and mind a break. Your training program should also provide you with periods of downtime. In addition to taking a few rest days per week, try setting aside 1 week every 4-6 weeks when you lift at sub-maximal weights, and leave a little gas in the tank during your metcon. Sure, you numbers won’t look as impressive on the whiteboard that day, but you are training for life, not for the whiteboard and a little break from the intensity is good for your body. Then, you’ll have no excuse for not crushing the workouts for the following 4-6 weeks. Some of you might benefit from this more than others, or find it suitable at different times in your training, so we’re leaving this one up to you to fit in on your own.

    5. Consult a Professional. If you have joint, muscle or tendon pain that persists, book an appointment with a physical therapist, chiropractor or sports massage therapist ASAP. If your pain isn’t life-altering, avoid heading to the orthopedist right away (most are surgeons), and stick to a manual therapy for some natural relief first. A few sessions at any of these medical professionals, and some at-home rehab exercises, and you should be good as new. By routinely getting your body assessed and corrected, you will almost certainly avoid serious injuries that result in surgery or an inability (gasp!) to continue your workout program.

    As your trainers, we want you to be healthy and strong. Our CrossFit gym is a place of high energy and intensity, filled with healthy and happy athletes. Let’s keep it that way. Happy Training!

  9. justin needle says:

    Very excited that there is a CrossFit gym on base! Couple of questions though. Is there a monthly fee? Do you still have open gym hours to complete the WOD if we can’t make the class times? If we are level 1 certified coaches do you need more help? Again, I’m really excited to get there in August to start training there!

    • crossfitbolling says:

      Welcome to Bolling! No monthly fee! 🙂 It’s base gym and one of the section is designated to CF, and you can do WOD your own anytime while gym is open if you miss the class. We have several trainers in the group at this moment, but you know about military life. 🙂 Looking forward to see you!

  10. Mandy Nissen says:

    i’m interested in attending but will be a beginner. Can I just jump right in?

  11. Jason Weaver says:

    I would like to give crossfit a try which class is the best one to attend?

    • crossfitbolling says:

      Hi Jason! We will do same work out through the day. 6am class is normally more crowded though. Looking forward to see you!

      • Lara says:

        Hey! I came to a class this summer for swim day and it was awesome. I finally convinced 2 coworkers to come try a class-so we’re coming today. They’re all newbies and need some help. But they’re interested and I’m trying to get them out of the treadmill routine. I hope that’s okay!

      • crossfitbolling says:

        Of course! Looking forward to see you all together!! Thanks for bringing friends in!

  12. Mike says:

    Al, can you send me your email address? Thanks.

  13. Victoria says:

    Is the 6 am class sign up first come first serve? It looks like you have a pretty solid group. When would be a good time to try to get in?

    • crossfitbolling says:

      7am or noon would be the best bet if you r looking for a smaller class! Looking forward to see you!

    • crossfitbolling says:

      7am or noon would be the best bet if you r looking for a smaller class! Looking forward to see you!

  14. Jason says:

    For the Teusday swimming WOD are there still 2 classes for the day?

  15. Charlene says:

    I just moved here a few months ago. I was doing Crossfit in Korea for about 9 months. Then I started here in at a location near my house. My husband says I need to start going on base. Due to I’m paying way to much money….haha. So I wanted to make sure that the 7am classes are not full. Since I’ll be driving from 40 mins away. I would love to stop by on Monday, can I start right away???

  16. Hello!
    I’m a DOD civilian who is PCSing to JBAB in May 2014. Is Crossfit Bolling free for just active duty folks? If so how much for civilians? Thanks!

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